Nov 20, 2007

SU! Stamp Set Inventory & Tracking List

I have been selling this inventory file on eBay for quite a while now, and thought I'd post about it here for all my stamping & blogging friends!

For just $9.95, buyers receive an Excel file (Excel 2000 version) that includes all current SU! stamp sets (that's stamp sets from the American, Canadian, and Australian/New Zealand catalogs and the newly released UK/French/German catalog) and all the stamp sets since the 1996/1997 regular and mini catalog releases — over TWENTY-EIGHT HUNDRED stamp sets (and which catalog it was released in), and if it is retired (and if so, which year). Additionally, columns allow you to identify which sets you own, when you purchased them, and what price you paid. Individual stamp set records include the number of stamps in the set, the latest retail price and item number, and indicates which catalog it appeared in (with page numbers from the annual catalogs), and if it was first released in a mini catalog. This is a great tool for the recreational stamper or demonstrator!

I have spent many hours personally compiling the data, confirming codes with catalogs, and ensuring the accuracy of each record. That makes this file perfect for your inventory needs and provides accurate value data for insurance records.

Have you ever wanted to know what you paid for a set of stamps, but just can’t remember? Have you wondered just how old that one stamp set is, but don’t know what catalog it was released in? Were you checking out an eBay auction, but didn’t know the retail price of the stamp set you were interested in? Did you see a set at a garage sale, but didn’t know if it included all the stamps? Wanted to sell your old stamp sets, but didn’t know their value, or how many stamps were in the original set?

If so, then this comprehensive Excel file may be just what you’re looking for!

Best of all, if you purchase this file from me you will receive


which include newly released sets for as long as I continue to purchase SU! products!

Please send PayPal payment to calail86{at}gmail{dot}com